The Manuscript Challenge no 2

I guess you know about my Manuscript Challenge, the red dress with brass buttons? I have brought all the materials, but this dress will have to wait until this spring. I injured my knee about a year ago and will be going through knee surgery in about two weeks. During this year have I gone from being an active hockey player to a girl who barely can walk up a staircase. I will start training after my surgery and my hope is to tight up my body before I sew the red dress. 

But enough about my insecurities about my body. 

The Comedies of Terence, 1400-1407 (BNF Latin 7907 A fol. 8r). 

I have decided to start another Manuscript challenge. This will be called ”The Pink Rose” has its origins in an UFO – the green dress. I originally fell in love with the fabric and thought it would be a lovely surcote to wear over my light blue kirtle. But after a while the honeymoon was over, and I didn’t like the color. I put the project away and started working on other things. The plan was of course to finish it sometime, but I was soon ready to let the dress be in my stash of fabric indefinitely. 

But then I brought the dress with me to Carnis autumn meeting and there was Petra, all ready to change my mind. She said she loved the dress and told me that I should do a pink hood to go with. I would look like a ”pink rose”. I kind of liked the idea, and just a couple of days later my friend Andrea listened to the story and she gave me this picture – and I was hooked! The green dress was saved from its destiny as a stash UFO. 

— v —

This project will be in four pieces: A green dress, a pink hood, black shoes and a white shift. 

Green dress 

The green dress is actually almost finished. It is made in the most beautiful green wool from Historiska rum. It is sewn in four panels with four wedges. The arm has a S-shape and has a silk lining. The dress is kept together with lacing in a white silk.

Pink hood

The pink hood hasn’t been started yet. I’m still looking after the perfect fabric, and it looks like I will have to dye it myself. Or at least get a friend of mine to do it for me (Thank you Maria). The model will be a typical ”french hood” or as we call it in swedish: ”fruhätta” (wife’s hood). 

Black shoes 

I will not, I repeat, I will not sew a new pair of shoes. I do not like working in leather. But I will buy a pair of beautiful shoes by someone who really knows what they are doing. You will get an update on that. 

A white shift

The white shift. I usually just wears my bra-shift under my dress, but I have been planing to make a silk shift to use when I portray the wife of the nobleman Nils Svarte Skåning. I will make a simple shift in silk. I know that the girl, who is a servant, probably isn’t wearing a white silk shift, but it’s only for the picture. 

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