The Manuscript Challenge 2: The pink hood

Since my first manuscript challenge is on paus, I have been working on my second challenge: the pink rose from The Comedies of Terence. The green dress is almost ready, it really only needs silk for lacing. I’m just looking for the right color for that. I have also finished the pink hood she is wearing.

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The hood she is wearing is what I call a ”fruhätta”, which translates to ”wifes hood”. Other names are ”open hood” and ”french hood”. This hood appears in different appearances during the 14th century. In the first half the hood is very simple. In Codex Manesse (1305-1340) the hood is simple, rectangular and simply hanging on top of the ladys head. In the Luttrell Psalter the hood has got a small hook at top, but its still pretty rectangular without any wings. 30 years later, in the Roman de la Rose the open hood is more fitted, has a liripipe but still not much wings. The wings appear for real in The Comedies of Terence, as the hood is fitted and has big wings. 

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1. Herjolfsnes no 71. 2 Herjolfsnes no 72. 3. Herjolfsnes no 79 Källa: Marc Carlson, Some clothing of the Middle Ages, Hoods Chaperons and liripipes

When looking at the extant material from Herjolfsnes, Greenland, you can find many hoods that in the construction looks like the open hood. Many of the hoods from Herjolfsnes are small, tight and the sholderpart is short. They have a small gusset and a liripipe. Examples are No 72No 78No 79 and No 80. The only different is that the hoods from Herjolfsnes were closed, and not opened. However, if the hood is left open, the silhouette will look a lot like the open hoods in the manuscripts. 

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My pink hood

The pattern for my hood is very simple. It’s created by my friend Andrea Håkansson and she has the full pattern with the measurements on her blog, if you want to make your own hood. 

The hood is sewn in a pink wool from Medeltidsmode (twill, 530 gram/m2). The original idea was to dye the fabric myself (or let a friend do that for me). But then Kerstin at Medeltidsmode received more of her pink wool so I bought some. The hood is completely hand sewn with waxed linnen thread and silk thread found in my grandmothers old stash (in the perfect color I must add). The gores are sewn in from the right side, like the hoods from Greenland. 

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