Historical sew fortnightly #9: Black and white

Draw on the opposite ends of the shade spectrum to create something in black and white or black or white. 

It feels as if all my projects right now somehow are connected to Historical sew fortnightly. That isn’t completely true, I have some projects that don’t have anything to do with the challenges, but they are not ready. Actually I haven’t really started them yet. Anyhow. It’s time for challenge #9: Black and White.

— v —

Luttrell psalter, Great Britain, early 14th century.

For this challenge I have made a smocked apron. 

I must be honest with you, this time I rushed in to doing this apron without really thinking of my period or looking for sources (which I should). Therefore, I’m not sure if I really can use it with my 14th century clothes. There are some pictures of smocked aprons in the british Luttrell psalter. Above is one example, but I know of at least two other pictures in the manuscript. 

But the Luttrell psalter is the only source I have found (for now, and I haven’t looked that much). One source is not good enough for me to use it, so for now, I don’t know what I’ll do with the apron. It looks very nice anyhow. 

— v —

I used Katafalk’s tutorial of the Honeycomb smock. 

The smock is based on squares of 2×2 cm. It’s quite big, but it looks nice. The base of the apron is 85cm and the smock is 44cm. This is what it looks like.

Close up of the smock.

— v — 

The Challenge: #9 Black and white

Fabric: White linen

Pattern: None.

Year: I don’t know how early in history it can be found. I have seen one picture from the early 14th century, but mainly they seem to belong in the 16th century. 

Notions: Bleached linnen thread. 

How historically accurate is it? The fabric and notions are accurate, the pattern also. Not sure if the smock fits in the 14th century though. But it’s accurate at least.

Hours to complete: Oh I’m so bad at this. The smock took two train rides Karlskrona-Malmö, and the hemming took 2,5 hours. About 9 hours in total.

Total cost: Nothing this time, it was fabric from my stash. 

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