Green dress with lacing

I’m about to start my red dress in the first manuscript challenge, but I have one project before that. I can however gladly tell you that the green dress from my second challenge the pink rose from The Comedies of Terence is done. Pictures of me wearing it will come when I finish the challenge.

The fabric used is a english twill bought from the Swedish shop Historiska Rum. It is completely hand sewn with linnen tread and the stab stitching is made with silk thread in the same color as the fabric. 

The dress is a little bulky, but thats only because the toille has a curved-front seam. It will look very much better when I’m wearing it. I choose do do lacing in the front because I want to wear this as the dress underneath other dresses. The wool is very thin and I can actually wear it under my light blue dress, even though that dress is very tight. I will however wear the dress alone as well. There are some effigies of woman wearing dresses with lacing in the front. Like this lady in the collegiate church in Wertheim, Germany dated to the end of the 14th century or Catherine of Warwick, a effigy dated to the late 14th century. My lacing is made out of silk and is 115 centimeters long. 

Stab stitching

I have lacing on the arms as well. This for the same reason to why I have lacing in the front, I want to wear it under other dresses without it becoming bulky. The lacing is made out of silk and is 55 centimeters long. The dress has a slik lining, just enough for the neck hole and as lining for the lacing. The silk lining is white because that was what I had in my stash.

Green twill: 2,7 meters twill, 864 SEK
Silk: 0,2 meters silk, 40 SEK
Linnen and silk thread: 140 SEK
Total cost: 1044 SEK

Cutting and pattern making: 1 hour
Sewing the dress: 10 hours
Lining and eyelets: 8 hours
Stabstitching: 6 hours
The silk lacing: 4 hours
Hemming and finishing: 2 hours
Total time: 31 hours

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